Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Adult Stem Cell Research Therapy to Cure Lazy Eye, and Other Eye Problems!

An important concern does need to be addressed, and that is there is legitimate reasons to not doubt the possibility that adult stem cell treatment will cure eye problems! Now it is not wrong for anyone to state that with the RNA/DNA reconstruction the possibility does in fact exist to cure blindness, with these factors in mind the cure for glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, and other diseases of the eye. Make no mistake about this one, and that is strabismus eyes, amblyopia, as well as esotropia, and exotropia are absolutely able to be corrected by the use of growing the adult stem cells from the patient's own genetic makeup, and yes I am talking about genetic reconstruction, which is something that does need to be carefully focused on! It is not wrong for someone to claim that with all of the developments that have been made in medical school research hospitals is that with all of the breakthroughs that have been under way there is no question that adult stem cell research therapy can cure these problems that have happened with people's eyes! There are scientists that are growing new eyes from the genetic makeup of different creatures in research science laboratories, so this tells me that it is not impossible by any means for both the parts, and the full human eye to be grown with the capabilities that do exist with the incubators that have been used in these exact same research laboratories when they are finding out about the possibilities that do exist when it comes to how there cells from genetic makeup that can be recharged electrically with what does in fact exist with the developments that have taken place in medical school research hospitals! Now I am not a doctor, however I am just absolutely convinced that there is no debate that this does just so happen to exist, and reasons that I will have to say that it is not the embryonic stem cells that have any promise of curing these problems, because this is the logic that will tell that no one can debate any of what is being said to be the truth, for it is a fact that they have proven that foreign organs that have been transplanted do have all of these other problems with rejection, and that eventually anti rejection medications do in fact give out over time! Make no mistake about this one, and that is your body knows its own genetic makeup, so this is exactly the reasons that anyone who is of logical sound judgement will have to accept that yes this is about what the patients own body is capable of doing to cure what is the truth about your own body fact! Now yes I am going to bring the reconstructed adult stem cells that do in fact get injection into the brain of the patient into the equation, because that is the way that brain will then recognize function of the patient's own eyes, and yes I am talking about this being done in both children, and adults as well! Bare in mind that this does not mean that it will be surgical necessarily, because of the fact that there have been cases of where diseases have been cured doing this procedure that I am talking about! Now there have been cases where physicians who are working in this field of Adult Stem Cell Research Therapy have grown new limbs for people who have lost them, or where they just so happened to have been born without them, which is extremely important! Make no mistake about this one that is to be mentioned, and that is where this is what is the cure for cancer which so many people have had, and still have many doubts about, and with all the technology of forensic science that is state of the are that does in fact exist in this day and age there is no question that does need to be asked when it comes to the possibilities that can occur to correct someone's distance vision, eliminate astigmatism, eliminate presbyopia the aging of the eyes, as well as any other aging of the body, and the cause the eyes to be either emmetropic meaning 20/20, possibly better, or pure hyperopic, hypermetropic meaning pure farsightedness without age! Now what I am on the subject of is involving the facts that do prove that what I am talking about is no longer some futuristic hypothesis that will be proven later into the twenty first century, however has all been proven to fact with has come out thanks to the freedom of information act that many people have never accounted for! With all of the ways that the genetic testing is so sophisticated these days this just proves that everything that has been taken for granted about the human body proves to be dead wrong, because all the facts that do exist in the field of forensic science this just proves that there is no mystery to what can be accomplished with the adult stem cell research therapy, because that is the ground breaker that is vitally important, also for growing new teeth for people who have either dentures, or bad teeth, which can be explained do to the fact that there are people who never get all of their adult teeth do to their family history, and with what can be done these days the truth is that in dental school hospitals there is ground breaking research that has been done to grow people new teeth who have not developed all of their adult teeth, as well as those who have lost them all for one reason, or another that does not get accounted for all the time! This is important for people to consider being that we now live in an age where there is this ground breaking research that is proving all of what has been done history to be wrong when it came to prosthetic eyes, as well as other body parts that needs to be carefully focused on, and never is getting the proper focus that it does in fact take to be dealt with! Now it is an extremely big mistake to say that low vision cannot be cured with the genetic makeup from the patient's own body! Now I am talking about what can be done where natural body parts are artificially grown in a science laboratory where there are no artificial attachments to body parts that are grown in the process of giving people new body parts!

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